Teranov Expertise

Preliminary survey

Identify and select areas of interests

Surface studies (geology, fluids geochemistry)

Geology & petrology

Geochemical analysis

Pre-feasibility study

Confirm the availability of a high temperature geothermal resource, and develop a preliminary model of the reservoir.

Evaluate technical and economic pre-feasibility of the project

Surface studies (geology, geochemistry, geophysics)

Preliminary technical and economic framework

Geology & petrology

Geochemical analysis

Geophysical survey

Reservoir conceptual model

Well site selection & targeting

Socio-environmental pre-feasibility

Feasibility study

Evaluate the quality of the resource and the reservoir potential

Confirm the technical and economic feasibility of the project

(Gradient boreholes)

Deep exploration wells  including a preliminary engineering phase

Technical and economic evaluation

Drilling supervision

Rig site geology

Well test design and interpretation

Updating reservoir conceptual model

Socio-environmental feasibility

Techno-economic project assessment

Project development engineering

Design the well layout and evaluate the cost for operating the geothermal resource

Design and evaluate the cost of the power plant

Develop the financing plan of the project

Specialized subsurface engineering

Power plant specialized engineering

Well engineering

Field development engineering (Production & re-injection strategy)

CDM mitigation study

Drilling risk evaluation to subscribe to a regional Geofund

Field development

Drilling and testing production and re-injection wells

(5-8 production & re-injection wells for an electrical capacity of 25 MW for example)


Production & re-injection drilling supervision

Well test design & interpretation

Fractured reservoir engineering

Plant construction

Construction of the plant and of the fluid transport system


Technical Assistance to constructors

Operation & Maintenance



Steam well O&M training and technology transfer

Design well workover program

Design well pad O&M program

Reservoir monitoring & optimization