Our Partners

Implementing our Vision through partnership

Since it was established in 2010, TERANOV has been promoting excellence in one of the fields that it considers as being of primary importance: imaging the geothermal reservoir with the following main goals:

- reducing drilling (i.e. geological) risks,
- better evaluating the development costs and potential of reservoirs.

In order to achieve this new approach, TERANOV has teamed up with two highly specialized partners in two different fields, reservoir engineering/characterization and geophysical services:

- KIDOVA (www.kidova.com) is a consulting firm specialized in providing solutions in reservoir characterization and geostatistics, reservoir engineering, naturally fractured reservoir characterization and modeling, modeling of single and multiphase flow in porous and fractured media, for the oil & gas, environment, geological disposal, mining and high enthalpy geothermal sectors.

- Magnitude (www.magnitude-geo.com) is an earth science company providing comprehensive microseismic monitoring services to industry worldwide. It operates in the oil & gas, mining & minerals and civil engineering markets. Magnitude provides consultancy and engineering services for monitoring underground gas storage, enhanced oil recovery, waste injections, hydraulic fracturing treatments and risks assessment. With its head office in France and support through Baker Hughes and CGGVeritas worldwide, Magnitude can offer a range of microseismic services.